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Our Process


Exploring Your Needs

Once you’ve made contact with one of our friendly team members, we will book an appointment to meet with you in person at your home. During your home assessment, we will assess your unique needs. This will take into account the size of the space that needs to be air-conditioned, the location of the air conditioner to best suit performance and overall aesthetics of your home.


Tailor a solution

No two jobs are the same, which is why an experienced professional will design an air conditioning system for your home – using only the best brands on the market. We’ll promptly deliver an obligation free quote. Once this is agreed upon, an installation date will be set and a specialist technician will be assigned to your job.


Enjoy the comfort

Our professional technicians will install your new system and leave your home clean and tidy. Upon completion, we will hand over your air conditioning system to you. This involves a demonstration on the correct operation and proper care of your new air conditioning unit.


Optimise the life of your air conditioner

The final step in Aria Air’s process is ongoing service and maintenance. We provide superior after sales service. This can include regular maintenance, which will extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure your air quality is healthy for your family.

Split Systems

Realise the difference in split system installation, as supplied by the experienced technicians at Aria Air. An ever-popular option, a split system is separated into an externally located unit and an internal unit (usually affixed to a wall) which directs air into the desired location in your home.

  • Easy install
  • Quiet operation
  • Extremely effective and versatile way to air condition everything from a bedroom or office right up to an open plan area
  • Require no ductwork to function, making them a flexible and convenient choice
  • All units come with reverse cycle technology i.e heats as well as cools

Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioners are centrally controlled systems that are designed to service an entire home and to maintain an even temperature throughout.

  • Discrete centrally controlled air conditioning for maximum aesthetic benefit
  • Can consistently cool an entire interior space, such as a home or building
  • Timer settings and Wifi connectivity for automation via smartphone or other devices for your convenience
  • Known to add value to your home for resale purposes
  • Reverse cycle heating for cooler months, no separate heater system required

Multi-Head Systems

Multi-head split systems are made up of just one outdoor unit that can run multiple indoor units. They offer all the benefits of a split system with several additional advantages.

  • Powered by just one outdoor unit to improve aesthetic appeal
  • Unique format also saves space
  • Capacity to climate-control multiple rooms in your home on a fully independent basis
  • Ideal for those who need/want more air conditioning coverage without going ducted

Service & Maintenance

Don’t overlook the need to service your air conditioning units in your home environment.

It’s crucial to care for these systems as they operate in close proximity to you and your family members, on a day-to-day basis. Air conditioners can build up a large amount of dirt. So to ensure that the air you and your family are breathing is clean and free of contaminants, your air conditioner needs to be properly maintained.

Electrical Consumption

Ensure your air conditioner/s is running at first-rate capacity through regular servicing. This will limit any unnecessary electricity consumption and offer a host of other practical advantages.

Maintenance Programs

Aria Air can customise the perfect maintenance program to suit your budget. Rely on them to manage your maintenance requirements, for maximum longevity and efficient operation of your home air conditioning unit.

Repairs & Breakdowns

Air Air are on hand to fix your A/C problems in a fast and effective fashion. With a team that is experienced in fault finding, getting your AC back up and running is always a smooth and stress-free endeavour.

A preventative approach to airconditioning care and maintenance ensures your home unit/s have a long life, operate hygienically and are optimised for economic utility. With the help of Aria Air, your entire household can get back to enjoying the comfort of a functioning air conditioning system with minimal delay and intrusion.


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